Interview med Ryuichi Sakamoto om The Revenant

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Bloggen The Fader har udsendt et eksklusivt interview med Sakamoto, hvor han taler om sit comeback efter cancer, techno pop og det nye soundtrack til filmen The Revenant.

What attracted you to working on The Revenant? Well, more than the theme or subject or superstars in the film, I have been a big fan of Alejandro [González Iñárritu] since his debut film, Amores Perros, maybe 15 years ago or something. Since then I’ve been following him, checking all of his films, and I still like everything he has done. Some years ago in his film called Babel, he used two pieces of my music. I felt a huge respect in the way he used my music in his own film. At that time we had a phone conversation about how to use the music, how to make music, et cetera. Then soon after, when I had a concert in L.A., I invited him and finally we met. For this film, The Revenant, we had a phone call from his office in May of this year and it was kind of a very demanding call: “Come to L.A. tomorrow.”

Læs hele interviewet her.

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